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This is absolutely not an ordinary dog owner’s training manual. This book will teach you to speak Dog and turn you into the dog whisperer of your life.

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Let’s speak dog - Online course 02.-30.05.2023

Come along to an Online course where you learn to understand and motivate your dog better, prevent control problems and reach better results in dog sports!

In a four-week course, a multiple IGP World Champion Mia Skogster will guide you in the emotional communication skills needed in dog training, which will help you achieve a totally new connection with your dog.

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Mia Skogster explains how to immerse yourself and role-play for your dog and why you need six distinct praise voices to train him.

Let’s speak Dog will make you a better dog trainer while teaching you how to communicate with your dog on an emotional level. The book introduces the Inspire ur Dog method, developed by a world champion and based on robust evidence and research results. The different praise voices, body control techniques and methods borrowed from the theater described in the book will give you the tools for creating a totally new connection with your dog.